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Exploring Immediate and Future Business Prospects in North Sea Offshore Wind.

The North Sea Wind Conference focuses on business opportunities in the upcoming development of offshore wind in the north sea region as well as the Baltic Sea.

Spanning development plans in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The netherlands, Belgium and the UK, – as well as for the Baltic Sea, there is a need to establish new supply chains, installation and maintenance ports, as well as to address grid and network challenges, and to close the competence gap. The development of offshore wind represents significant business opportunities for suppliers and new technology developers. Players in the North Sea have a long history of cross-border cooperation.

At the North Sea Wind Conference, we will explore immediate and future business prospects. Thought leaders, major developers, technology leaders, port representatives, and experts will present the current state of projects in the North Sea basin and delve into future business opportunities and the demand for services.

Why attend?

  • Network – Engage directly with numerous leaders and professionals from the offshore wind supply chain and development industry.
  • Seek answers to questions that are important to you and your organization.
  • Explore recent advancements in technology and process innovations within the supply chain and offshore wind sectors.
  • Secure a booth for enhanced brand visibility, valuable networking, effective lead generation, and insightful competitive analysis.

Secure your place today to be a part of supply chain and offshore wind collaboration in action.

Who should attend?

The North Sea Wind Conference is a must-attend for anyone interested in participating in the offshore wind sector in Norway, Denmark, and the UK. It caters to a wide range of attendees, from developers and major suppliers to smaller companies and innovators within the supply chain. The event offers a chance to acquire valuable insights and knowledge from various industry segments. It’s an ideal platform for professionals involved in the energy transition in the North Sea, encompassing everything from fixed-bottom to floating foundations.

Our program and networking opportunities are tailored to suit a diverse group in the energy field. Additionally, for those focused on research, ecology, and energy policy, we aim to integrate these crucial topics in our examination of the challenges to achieving ambitious goals.

Our mission

The North Sea, bordered by the coastlines of England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, is exceptionally well-suited for offshore wind farms due to its advantageous wind conditions. As a result, the North Sea plays a pivotal role in the global offshore wind sector, with the majority of Europe’s offshore wind projects located within this region.

The North Sea Wind Conference is a networking arena and a catalyst for cross-border collaboration. The conference will focus on business opportunities for developers, suppliers, and offshore wind ports. The venue aims to promote networking and be a driving force for technology development, establish competitive supply chains, enhance expertise, and present business opportunities for market players.

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Exhibition and Sponsorship

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