Key topics

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities in a Short-Term and Long-Term Perspective.

Development plans

Development Plans and Projects in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and Others.

Ports and Infrastructure

Mapping and Possibilities of North Sea Ports and Infrastructure.

Wind Majors

Offshore Wind Majors about the Market and Their Future Ambitions.

Business Expansion

Strategies for Business Expansion in the Offshore Wind Sector.

Competences and Capacity

Mapping the needed workforce - competences and capacity.

Conference programme

4. June 2024
Sea Breeze

The Norwegian Competence Centre for Offshore Wind and the North Sea Wind Conference invite you to Sea Breeze 4. June 2024 – an evening networking seminar prior to the conference. At Sea Breeze offshore wind developers will be interviewed on stage in an informal setting.

5. June 2024
North Sea Wind Conference Introduction

09.00 – 09.05


Mathias Bernander, Mayor of Kristiansand Municipality

09.05 – 09.10

Introduction to North Sea Wind

Introduction to the North Sea Wind Conference by the committee leader, Frank Emil Moen, CEO – Energy Innovation and Director of the Board, Norwegian Competence Centre for Offshore Wind.

09.10 – 09.30

The Big Picture

European leaders have committed to quadrupling the current offshore wind capacity to 120 GW in the Northern Sea by 2030, and the EU has set a target of over 215 GW by 2040. These ambitious figures have been emphasized at numerous conferences. Given these goals, which regions currently stand out as immediate hotspots, and which projects represent significant business opportunities today for a supplier industry preparing for the rapidly growing offshore wind sector?

Markus Naevestad, Partner – Rystad Energy

09.30 – 09.40

Charting the Future: Sørlige Nordsjø II Project and Norway's Journey into Offshore Wind Development

The conclusion of the tender process for Sørlige Nordsjø II marks the start of offshore wind development in Norway. With ambitious goals of achieving 30 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2040, significant development is on the horizon. What should the government’s strategy be moving forward? What are the ‘lessons learned’ from the SN II process, and how can Norway attract more offshore wind developers in the 2025 round?

Roger Pedersen, Director of Offshore Wind – Offshore Norge

PART 1: Sørlige Nordsjø II

09.40 – 10.00

Our plan and strategy for Sørlige Nordsjø II

Phase 1 of Sørlige Nordsjø II is to be developed with a maximum potential of 1.5 GW. What is the project’s timeline, technical choices, and suppliers.

Jorne Bluekens, Project Manager Sørlige Nordsjø II, Ventyr

10.00 – 10.20

Building the Offshore Wind Supply Chain

Parkwind partner, Norsea, is expected to play a central role in the development of Sørlige Nordsjø II. How will the company set up supply chain structures, what deliveries are needed, and how does the company view the development of the Norwegian supplier market for offshore wind moving forward?

John E. Stangeland, CEO – NorSea Group

10.20 – 10.50

Let's Take a Break - Build your network and visit the exhibition.
PART 2: North Sea development projects

In the project section of the conference, we invite developers to present projects from the North Sea regions. In these case studies, we examine the deliveries and resource requirements for the developments in their various phases. 


Green Volt, Cenos and the UK market

Green Volt and Cenos are two floating offshore wind projects off the coast of Scotland. Green Volt is set to be Europe’s first commercial scale floating wind farm. Together, the projects have a production capacity of up to 1.9 GW. Vårgrønn, together with partners, is developing projects in the UK, Irish Sea, Baltic Sea, and is aiming for Utsira Nord in Norway in a partnership with Equinor.

Christer Af Geijerstam, SVP Project Development – Vårgrønn


Outer Dowsing, West of Orkney and North Sea Markets

With a pipeline of over 30 GW in offshore wind projects, Corio is one of the world’s largest offshore wind developers. The company is now targeting the North Sea and European markets alongside their global portfolio. Corio has projects under development in Sweden, as well as early-stage developments in the UK and Ireland and is assessing how the North Sea supply chain can support its other opportunities across Europe. We invite Corio to tell us more about their upcoming projects and to share their views on the opportunities and challenges facing the North Sea region in a global market.

Stewart McMahon, SVP for Origination and Corporate Finance – Corio Generation


RWE's North Sea Wind Portfolio and Growth Strategy

RWE has 19 offshore wind farms in operation in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, totaling 3.3 GW. The largest construction projects include the North Sea wind projects Sofia1 in the UK (1.4 GW), the Danish Thor (1 GW), and the recently commissioned German offshore wind farm Kaskasi (342 MW). The company also has ambitions to participate in the next tender round in Norway in 2025.

Mads Arild Vedøy, Regional Lead Norway – RWE


Equinor’s growth ambitions in Norway and globally

Equinor has become a major player in the international offshore wind industry, with projects in the US, UK, Poland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, amongs other. The company has clearly stated that Norway is prioritized market. What are the company’s ambitions, expectations for suppliers, and what political framework is needed to be competitive in a global market?

Arne Eik, Project Director offshore wind – Equinor


Strategies for Successfully Diversifying into Offshore Wind

American MRC Global has had great success in diversifying into the offshore wind market, and delivers large projects in the US and the North Sea.. How to become a competitive supplier in international projects, and to manage the transition from oil & gas, and what is needed to succeed as a supplier (Tier 3) to a growing offshore wind industry?

Alfred Risan, Business Development Director – MRC Global




Panel debate: North Sea Wind Hotspots and Bottlenecks

We invite the developers to share their view on how the markets in Northern Europe will evolve, and which can be characterized as ‘hotspots’, what are the bottlenecks, and how suppliers should position themselves for assignments and deliveries to the offshore wind developments.

Moderator: Roger Pedersen – Offshore Norge

Panel: Vårgrønn, Corio Generation, Equinor and MRC Global.

PART 3: The North Sea grid

Session moderator: 

Jon Evang, Director of Offshore Wind – Renewables Norway


The broad perspective of offshore grid development of Northen Europe

Current development experiences with regulatory frameworks in Europe and thoughts on how the Norwegian framework model can be changed to make Norway more attractive to international developers.

Christophe Durieux, Global Head of Business Development, Elia Group / Windgrid


The Norwegian grid

Offshore power grids are a prerequisite for the development of the offshore wind industry. Statnett, the Norwegian Transmission System Operator, has the system responsibility and planning responsibility for the Norwegian offshore grid network and is the owner of any future potential hybrid cables. What are the plans and perspectives around the grid?

Håkon Borgen, Executive Vice President Offshore development – Statnett


Unlocking value through a flexible North Sea grid development

 A stepwise and flexible approach to a North Sea grid development

Atle Knudsen, Executive Vice President – New Industries – Å Energi


Panel debate: The North Sea Grid

Modator: Jon Evang

Panel: Elia Group, Statnett and Edvard Lauen, Senior Consultant – Å Energi.


Let's Take a Break - Build your network and visit the exhibition.
PART 4: Ports - challenges and business opportunities


Cross-Border Cooperation Between Offshore Ports to Address Capacity Challenges

Ambitious political targets have been set for offshore wind in the North Sea. However, realizing these ambitions is significantly challenged by industry bottlenecks. A critical issue hindering offshore wind buildouts is the lack of available port infrastructure. To address this, investment in new port infrastructure is crucial. Meanwhile, collaboration between existing ports is essential to meet short-term demands.

In this presentation, Green Ducklings will provide a perspective on the expected demand for port infrastructure and the current supply landscape. The session will focus on identified gaps and opportunities for port owners and discuss how factors such as increased project capacity, turbine size, and distance from shore will shape future port requirements. What does the ideal port of tomorrow look like? What are the expectations for bearing capacity, depth, quay lengths, etc.? Additionally, we will consider the timeline for port development to meet these evolving needs. 

Frederik Greve, Internationalisation & policy specialist – Green Ducklings


Optimizing Offshore Wind Ports: Sarens' Insights on Efficiency and Market Demand in the North Sea

The Belgian heavyweight Sarens is one of the global leaders in lifting operations, engineering, and logistics within offshore wind. What characterizes a good offshore wind port, and how can this be optimized to meet the increasing demands for efficiency and the growing demand for port services? How does Sarens view the market in the North Sea and other regions like the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean and USA?

Henry Vermeulen, Business Development Advisor – Sarens


Project execution case study

Case study on the execution of a major development project with a focus on cross-border collaboration between ports.

Jesper Raakjær, Chief Visionary Officer / Professor – Port of Aalborg
Turid Storhaug, CTO – Windport



Moderator: Turid Storhaug – Windport

Panel: Green Ducklings, Sarens and Port of Aalborg

Executive summary
Conference dinner


This very popular must-attend event includes a pre-drink, a delicious dinner, entertainment and of course the opportunity to network with all the other participants, speakers, partners and exhibitors.

6. June 2024
Exclusive visitor day

RelyOn Nutec has the pleasure of inviting North Sea Wind delegates to an exclusive visitor day at RelyOn Nutec Kristiansand. Join us for a content-rich day where you will gain insights into how they prepare professionals for the future challenges within wind energy, with special focus on GWO certified courses.

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